Saturday, May 30, 2009

living in La Paz

I could not stand the heat in the van anymore. it was sweltering. and so I had to choose. and Cabo San Lucas was not only a den of vipers and junkies, but also expensive. so La Paz and it`s cool coast only cost $180 a month all inclusive with furniture. so that is where I am. Madero and Juarez. El Centro de LA Paz.
Classes of Spanish are a bit price...around $800 a month so that might not happen as planned.
The end of the world is coming but I`m focusing on the guitar. The patterns are beginning to fall under my fingers without effort and the latest song we all have to get acquainted with is "handbags and gladrags" as performed by Rod Stewart. go ahead and check that out. I will have some videos as soon as I can find a better place to upload them.
here´s the stereophonics doing a cover of a cover...

ain`t no sunshine

ain`t no sunshine...when she`s gone.
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