Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hot Rod Hearts

29 years ago. Yes, we are old.

When this songbook was published someone who was 42 years old was born in 1942. Dear God! I think I'm the same age as my father was when I first heard these songs. I really wonder what in the world he was thinking to upset the natural balance of divorces by taking responsibility for two teenage boys and basically trading his carefree bachelorhood for hours trying to teach my brother Algebra and answering calls from the police when I was caught breaking into houses or stealing his car?

Border Inspection

I should identify with those videos on youtube where some conspiracy nut drives up to a border inspection with a camera rolling and a border patrol man or woman walks up and asks, "Are you an American Citizen?" to which the narrator says, "Am I being detained?"
Then it becomes a Laurel and Hardy dialogue.
"Are you an American Citizen?"
"Am I free to go?"
"AM I being detained?"
"Are you an American Citizen?"
"I don't have to answer any questions without a lawyer I being detained?"
"Where do you live?"
"Am I free to go?"
"Where are you coming from?"
"I have a constitutional right not to answer any questions without a lawyer present. May I go?"
"Are you an American Citizen?"
"Sir, are you American Citizen? I need to determine if you are American Citizen, this is a border inspection..."
"Am I being detained?"
"Are you an American Citizen?"
"Am I free to go?"

And you can watch videos where this goes on for ten or twenty minutes. And I should be rooting for the narrator for making the border patrol squirm. But I don't approve at all. It seems so completely petty. The narrator either has a thick New York accent, is a completely grey hair hippie, or otherwise looks and talks and acts like an American Citizen. There is no dispute that he's a citizen so this whole argument is pedantic.

How Obama spells Peace: W - A - R

Nobel Peace prize awarded to the person who has "done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

Obama's Achievements: 5 years of division, bombing, arms development, chemical torture of American Protesters.
A big sign in Texas gun store with Obama's face: "OUR NUMBER ONE SALESMAN"

The best quote I've read is, "When does sending a message with bombs send a better message than an email?"

Idiot simpleminded politicians. "We need to send a message that chemical weapons are wrong."

Hey , asshole, YOU JUST DID SEND A MESSAGE! YOU THINK THOSE CAMERAS IN FRONT OF YOUR PINOCCHIO NOSE ARE THERE FOR NOTORIETY? At least don't treat the public like complete assholes who don't know the difference between a bomb attack and an email. At least be truthful and say, "We're going to bomb them because it fits our agenda. They deserve to die." At least be honest for once and don't try to flim flam us like little kids who are at a PG-13 movie and need everything censored.

How can Obama be in the same category as Liu Xiaobo?

Injustice in Arizona

I need to vent a little bit before I go to sleep. Aside from being the victim of identity theft today, I also learned the troubling tale of Debra Milke. Trust me, you don't want to research the details of this case so I'll dance around the facts that I've learned in a casual browse through the online material. In fact, don't even read this unless you want to raise your blood pressure. Mine is through the roof.

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