Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where it all Began

Time presses on and way turns back to way. I arrived in Venice Beach last night after I waited for holiday traffic to die down. The congestion was still bad enough to cause angina but not so bad I had to stall on the 405 Inner City expressway. I cruised the dusty alleys of my memory, the donut shop was still there, but the tattoo shop had closed it's doors. I recognized some landmarks while others were so different I had to look around to remind myself where I was. The Taco Bell that so loyally satisfied my midnight cravings had been replaced by some fancy sushi joint. More medical marijuana dispensaries than I could count rose above the dirty sidewalks. The machine shop where I had my first motorcycle engine rebuilt was still there. The economy curry cafe still slopped mildly flavorless puree for a couple bucks. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Riding Down the Canyon

This is the only existing footage of this performance. The fiddler ran up on stage with me when I started the Gene Autry tune. I'd never met him before and have no idea who he is. If we'd rehearsed maybe once then this would've been a little better. I forgot the real chord progression and faked most of the chords.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


My favorite city spot is in a donut cafe...preferably Vietnamese with dirty floors and trashcan overflowing with losing scratch tickets. The lottery options here are a bonus. The language people use is as delicious as a chocolate buttermilk cake donut. These are the common folk near a carwash of
Nicaraguan towel ninjas.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One Night Only

An odd scenario places me on stage with a strange guitar but I managed to play a clumsy version of Four Strong Winds. In case you were wondering who Nicolete Larson is...she recorded Neil Young's "Lotta Love" back when Oggy was a youngster. Young also recorded Four Strong Winds, which is maybe why that guy in the video thinks I sound like Larson. Otherwise, his comment makes no sense since Larson is a famous female pop singer and I'm a burger flipper.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

L.A. Images

I posted a photo essay on Las Vegas and now I will post a short one on Los Angeles. I've been neck deep in things that are not so narcissistic as a blog and not interesting enough to write about. I'm also stuck in a deep rut of remorse, regret, despair and surrender. I refuse to be another gum flapping Washington pundit in a world of pundit and political spin whores. We're fucked, obviously, headed toward apocalypse but it's beneath me to add my opinion on these trivial matters. Still, fate is forcing me out of my hole and I will soar once more with the eagles and maybe write something worthy of this vain blog. Don't hold your breath.
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