Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Future

Al Gore recently published a book called "The Future". It should be noted that he was writing it during the Mayan Apocalypse buildup and his book has no mention of that hoax. It's not light reading but it helps me go to sleep. Unlike Lester Brown's "Plan B" which was written by research assistants and edited by Brown, Gore's book really reads like he wrote every word...which means it's boring as hell. His attempts at jokes are painful..."I'm a recovering politician..." or "Note to PETA, I'm not in the chicken housing business anymore."
And his attempts to be a commoner are even worse, "I favor the African saying, "When you pray, move your feet."
OK, Al. You really make me feel like you are totally in touch with your average farmer in Malawi.
But he's an intellectual force who probably didn't deserve to be President since he really is better than your every day postal worker. A world full of Al Gore's would be totally awesome and a world full of Oggy Bleachers would be a mess.
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