Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'd never been to Acadia Ntl. Park and it's one of the most hippie friendly parks I've seen. You can park way off the island at Trenton Marketplace, where they sell breakfast pizza for $1. Then take a propane powered shuttle to the visitor's center. Pay $5 to enter the park (good for a week), hike across the whole island and take a shuttle to the rich man's playground called Bar Harbor to watch diesel fuel powered Queen Mary 2 amble off, and then take a propane powered bus back to the marketplace where you cook pasta and sleep until you do it all over the next day.
Ride a bike, hike, whale watch from the shuttle. It's nice.

Occupy Wall Street

The Revolution won't be televised because media outlets will not cover it in favor of gossip and tabloid and cooking shows. Or shows where obese women lose weight and cheer and cry on industrial scales. But in case you haven't heard it the real heroes are laying it on the line in NYC. They have no financial backing, no flag, no support, they are villainized and marginalized and called dirty names and beaten by the officers who swore to protect them from the very thieves who now call the shots in Washington. But they are there with no weapons and body armor or gas masks to protect them. It doesn't take courage to get in a humvee and shoot peasants but it takes a pair of brass balls to camp on wall street with no food or money, most citizens indifferent of hostile to your cause, and still speak truth to power. Yeah, they are vague and unarmed but it's the Hipster Revolution so you'll get reusable coffee mugs and hybrid cars rather than specific demands.

Let's simply say that if Fox Media was around in 1775 the big news of the day would've been the people buried in an avalanche for 37 days in Italy...and Mozart cheated on his wife. Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, and some hippie named George Washington would've been ignored because ratings might go down...and now a word from our sponsor...."Is your pewter tea pot dull and dirty? Brighten it up with 'Tarnish-B-Gone! Another Excellent Product from the British Empire!"

But with the new 3D smurfs movie coming out I'm sure there are better things to think about.
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