Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pics of george's house

george's house

Woofie the dog.

It's not every day you get a tour of one of the filthiest run down houses in America. This is a cross between the house Buffalo Bill lives in in Silence of the Lambs...and you average garage. unfortunately there is only junk here. no sweet condition Triumph motorcycles. Just junk and some dogs and used up people.

on the bright side

At least I didn't have enough money to invest with Madoff. I thought losing $800 on a crappy car was bad. At least I get to drive the car. I don't know what the investors got from paying for Madoff's apartment. IT's this credit fixation we all have. There is no actual money being paid for things. It's just phantom currency. I think it's a real problem. And so many jobs were overpaid because there was no actual money to pay for the position itself. So if you have a job that shouldn't exist in the first place then why not have a high salary too?
Regulation is cheaper than intervention. That's the lesson. George has 13 credit cards and shuffles the balance between them. How can I have sympathy for the credit companies? They give him cards and have no idea what kind of situation he is in. He's TRYING to run up debt because he knows he can't pay it off. And they keep giving him more credit. Like Madoff said, "There's no innocent explanation."
I just don't understand where the money went. I mean, there was actual money being invested but where did it go? I guess the details will come out eventually.
IT seems easier to just be honest.
I read an old Groucho Marx quote, "The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that then you've got it made."
It looks like Madoff was a fake but not brilliant enough to get away with it. I don't trust any broker. It's not an honest business.
all for now.

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