Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recent Job Inquires

I'm ashamed to admit I recently clicked on a job offer with the title, "Tee Shirt Folder"
The funny thing is that I would need training.

The other jobs I've looked at have been CAD (Computer Assisted Design) and Guitar Instruction and Assembly Technician and one in Portsmouth for a Entry Level Auto Technician at Ford.

I looked at a job in Spain for "Busty Models" (don't ask why) and one in Greece titled, "Earn Big Money" that scandalously expected me to work for the big money.

One inquiry for a first shift electro-mechanical assembler went unanswered.

I'm not sure what caused me to be looking at the following apartment listing in Bangladesh...

"Want to rent a three bedroom apartment in Dhanmondi from December 2009? Please see the following features:
Three bedroom with closet/built-in cabinet and attached bathroom
Servant's bedroom with attached bath"

I respect his initial question. It's clear and simple. It leaves no room for misunderstanding. Do I want to rent a three bedroom apartment in Dhanamondi?? Maybe I do. And the house comes with an additional bedroom for the untouchable servant.

If this seems chaotic it is because the freedom of being able to go wherever you can physically go is a burden at times. Dhanamondi or Dover. How does one make that decision?

If I could post a dream post that I would immediately click on it would be "Starting new civilization in utopian-like environment. Space Travel Likely." If there was room for my guitar then I'm in.
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