Thursday, September 17, 2009


not an easy trip to denver. but I didn't kill any badgers or other rodents along the way. a rat or mouse is now living with me in the van, eating my fruit, but that will have to stop. I have no extra food to give to a rat.
Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado. These are nice states. I've driven down this road before...really following my own footsteps as the song goes. Roamed and Rambled. But there is a purpose and my self destructive fixation on perfection isn't haunting me as much. Lately I pondered the meaning of love. It's codependency, right? Ha ha. But I'm going to sort that out one day. It's an easy world for the bold and a perilous one for the meek. A coward dies a hundred deaths...a brave man dies but one. I think that applies to all realms of activity.

so. onward...this is a brief stop in Denver. It looks to be a solo trip east after giving a guy named Ben a ride here from S.F.
Ben may have been Athena disguised as a hapless hitchhiker. As a test. You know, Zeus, god of all gods, is the protector of strangers and travelers. keep that in mind. Athena likes to disguise herself to trick us up. Do her wrong and they gods will get you back.

it's all there in the Odyssey.

here's a picture of Athena in the form of Ben...

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