Monday, April 6, 2009

emotional times

Yes, it´s been an emotional month. But maybe this is the path to some kind of closure on my general attachment issues and codependency and loneliness. I am trying to live in the moment now so there aren´t any funny anecdotes to report. I´ve taken a housesitting gig in town and am sleeping in a bed for the first time since August. Feeding two dogs, Chico and Chato. And birds.
It is a new month and there is a two week vacation from teaching english to the kids. in fact it was because of that gig that I was asked to take care of the house.
First an foremost is my emotional health which has been living on the corner of breakdown and fragile street. At first I thought a woman was to blame but then, like the Buffett song, I decided I was to blame. There is a longing to return to the eternal mother, the anima, the lady resplendent, but it´s an elusive destination.
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