Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A picture is worth a thousand words but they don't allow cameras on minimum wage tickets from day labor halls. So Let me tell you about Moe. He was in the hall when I walked in, drooped in a plastic lawn chair. I thought he was trouble. He's a black dude and he looked rough around the edges. Kortney told me I'd be driving him to the Port-o-Pot job site.
"Fuck," I thought.
Then I met Michael who had use of only one hand and was pretty mentally retarded but with a good attitude. Me, Moe and Michael. Great. Three stooges.
Then Two other guys who were both drug felons down on their luck arrived and the five of us climbed in the van and I thought, "This is so fucking horrible. I'm actually driving these people in my van? And I'm trying to get paid to do a job? This can't be real. There is be no way I'd be less safe in Mexico."
Oh, people are so full of advice about finding work, they croak like toads in the moonlight but their ignorance of even the basic circumstances are quantum physics to their Elmo eyes.


Juvenal was a roman satirist from long long ago. He wrote that "It's hard not to write satire." meaning that the era he lived in was so totally out of sync with what his conscience demanded that literally nothing fit or made sense in any logical frame. He could only make sense of it as a cosmic joke of man. "If we could only see ourselves..." he must've thought and so he tried to create a mirror.
"There is no sabbath," complained Thoreau who wasn't devout but did see an alarming rate of activity without any filter of restraint in 1840. The seams of America had burst and within 20 years, before he died, coast to coast changes would totally remap the continent, urged on by a mass mentality or hysteria.

Elie Wiesel Surprises Public

Noted Holocaust survivor and Noble Peace Prize winning author Elie Wiesel surprised his publisher and his fans by announcing the release of a new book of humorous essays about internet dating and a young adult novel that follow the ups and downs of a teen zombie looking for love.
Wiesel, 83, said of the release of the books, "I let my hair down. Why not? I'll be honest, the merchandising royalties were a big part of [his abrupt change in writing topics]. Action figure sales for the Night/Dawn/Day trilogy are not exactly gangbuster," Wiesel joked.
Wiesel, author of critically acclaimed humanist novels such as Night and The Jews of Silence continued, "I'm not downplaying the Holocaust. Don't get me wrong. I've got several strong works planned on that subject. But writers need to adapt, fight out of our weight class once in a while, so to speak."
Digital Drama ,the internet dating essay collection and Call Me Zombie are due to be released on Halloween to coincide with a fireworks display and haunted house Wiesel's new public relations representative, Kim Kardhasian, has scheduled.
"We're gonna rock the house," exclaimed Ms. Kardashian as she spanked herself on her broad ass. "It's gonna be awesome!"

Bread And Circus

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Bread and Circus

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