Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bread And Circus

Chord: C/F/C/G
Bread and Circus

Caesar said to Paco, he said, "Fix my van."
Paco said to Caesar, he said, "What's your plan?"
Caesar was drinking from an old man's hand
Rolling on a Saturday Night

Give 'em bread and circus and we'll be all right
give 'em bread and circus and we'll be all right
bread and circus and we'll be alright
Rolling on a saturday night

Titties on the boobtube every day
have your steak fried chicken fried every way
don't pay attention to the words they say
rolling on a saturday night


Lots of hungry mouths to feed in Africa
Down here we swim in Barbacoa
Everything's a reality showa
playing on a saturday night


Rolling down the highway, drinking beers
Got a State Trooper hanging off of my big ears
next thing you know I'm laughing in my tears
rolling on a Saturday night


Words and Music by Oggy Bleacher

Bonus points to whoever can tell me the source of bread and circus. here's another demo of it.
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