Saturday, November 22, 2014

Senor Oggy

"God, Glory, Gold" the motto of the Conquistador
The motto is a translation of "Dios, Gloria, Oro." And I think it's suitable.

The next craft project is a punch pin embroidery landscape of the history of the van to use as a dashboard cover. Good thing I'm retired or I couldn't enjoy my retirement. The main problem I see with using acrylic paint is that in 8 hours of direct sunlight the hood gets so hot that the paint begins to soften. I don't know if it's fully dry or if the heat will always soften the paint. It doesn't come off with water but I can feel it getting tacky in the sunlight. Maybe there's a clear coat transparent spray I can finish the hood off with. Or maybe I will leave it alone and let the elements have their way.

There's a jigsaw panoramic picture Ernesto put together in the first days of my Mexican journey in the van back in 2008/2009. That picture is in the heading montage at the top of the blog. I remember the van was called "Long Distance Voyager" after a Moody Blues Album but we were talking and I said, "Maybe El Conquistador is a better name." Ernesto put that in the panoramic photo he made and I knew it was the right name. Almost 6 years later I finally painted the name on the hood.

Screenshot Trivia

This is a two part trivia question. First, the average people will get the right movie, but I want to give an additional $5 Oggy bucks for describing exactly why this particular screenshot is important to the movie. There are two important details that are not coincidences that they are in the shot. These were deliberate choices with symbolic meaning. What is the meaning.

Only this most recent viewing revealed to me how airtight this film is, everything is textbook, generic and totally awesome. Football games are not won primarily on trick plays....fundamentals win football games. Execute the fundamentals and you win. Maybe one score will be a trick play, but if you don't execute the fundamentals then one trick play score will not win the game, it'll merely get you on the scoreboard. This movie executes the fundamentals and that's why it wins. No trick plays. It was based on a book, which explains the plot, but the performances, editing, sound effects and what I consider a quadruple climax ending is why this is a historic movie and always enjoyable to watch.

Good luck.
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