Monday, March 12, 2012

Oggy Crafts

 I can't let this dog attack ruin my productivity. I'm compelled to reproduce this chrome emblem in punch pin thread.
 Last year I learned some hard lessons about making designs with cracked tile and this year I learn similar lessons about outlining letters with three strands of thread. If the words are too small then you won't be able to read what it says since the outlines blend together. SUPER VAN becomes SUPAN VAM . But if I make it bigger then it'll be the strangest patch ever and will cover the entire back of my overalls. 15 hours of threading needles makes my back feel like a Singapore sweatshop worker.

I promised someone a winter hat but I forgot how to make them.
So I have to relearn how to crochet by making a replacement for my beloved black wool hat I lost somewhere along the way. This is Bamboo/Silk/Nova Scotia Wool and it's going to weigh three pounds when I'm finished and have $35 worth of yarn on it. This raises the question of cost efficiency. I can buy a comparable nylon hat for $2. The next hat will be easier. Patience! Maybe next year will be colder but don't count on it as this was the 4th warmest winter in history. Also I'm making two place mats from scrap wool and cotton. The burlap alone cost more than two Chinese made place mats at Big Lots. So, the argument is that I don't want to pay less money for the ready made place mats because there's no conceivably reasonable way that two place mats were manufactured in China and shipped to America for less than I can make my own place mat. The math doesn't add up so something is wrong and rather than scratch my ass and do the Obama status quo shuffle I'm going to look for alternatives. Of course the bamboo yarn also comes from China and costs more than a bamboo yarn hat which means it actually loses value when it's touched by human hands.
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