Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lyme Disease

 This is the second animal to bite me in the last week. I saw deer running across the road earlier in the day and then found a tick on my neck at night and threw it in the wood stove. Then I found this tick on my fat love handles, sucking me dry and I pulled it out bringing tears to my eyes. The next step is flu like symptoms followed by years of debilitating joint pain, which doesn't sound any different from the last decade of my life.
There are 7400 holes to fill with yarn
 I'd really like to see an arthritic grandmother do this latch hooking of rugs. I fight and swear and break the fabric and nearly poked my eye out with the tool. Walmart suddenly makes sense. Why should I spend 40 hours hooking a crappy rug that I could buy at Big Lots for $4 and I'll be feeding a Vietnamese slave for a day or two as a bonus? I'm totally making a how-to video for latch hooking rugs.

These fabric arts remind me of the industrial arts and crafts at the aluminum heat sink factory and the custom cable harnesses. Whether it is fiber optic arrays or delicate surgical equipment or knit hats or punch pin patches the methodology is no different. Only the fact that hooked rugs have no value and fiber optics connect the world make one a sustainable occupation and the other a hobby for a homeless man. But they are essentially no different.

In other news the temperature has been 40 degrees above average which is fine in March when you can wear shorts when last year it was 30 degrees. If this trend continues it will be 130 degrees this summer and maybe enough to open our eyes enough to stop the gang rape of the rainforest. It's been a premeditated act of violence on the environment, destroying the forests to raise cattle for Big Macs, poisoning the oceans with mercury and lead from computer monitors, drying up any groundwater to purify silicone for computer chips. It's a perfect storm of man-made problems and the funny part is that if we can survive this then there must be a loving God because there's no way we deserve to get away with murder and if we all roast in our fat hides like calves then the whole God premise was flawed to begin with. I'm not a betting man but I seriously don't see how such incredibly arrogant and ignorant destruction can pass without dire consequences. We will reap what we sew.
This took so long to finish that the rug design went out of style
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