Thursday, February 19, 2009

van screen

donkey soap

i{m not sure why this donkey eating lavender would make you want to get clean but that{s the way mexicans think. and milk. donkeys + milk + flowers = bath time!


sunset at el pasture


here's where the whales go to jump out of the water and get the barnacles off their backs. the swim around as close as 100 yards off the shore. surfers have to dodge them.

this is ernesto



surfer in air


panoramic view


again, ernesto made this.

nice harbor

Photobucket ernesto is an actual photographer and took this with his cheap point and shoot. obviously he's got an eye for the shot.

donkey fish


Mulege pronounced MuleHay


before the storm


this picture was taken not long before crazed man (a Mexican) attacked Ernesto and had to be forced into submission by myself and two Canadians. this taking place shortly after a very brief tranquil period. the aftermath of this attack is still playing out here in the wild west.

someone asked me why everyone doesn't come to baja. I said it is because some people have responsibilities and ambitions. the people in the picture are unencumbered by those two things.

cerritos beach

Friday, February 6, 2009

La Paz

Oggy, in La Paz
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