Friday, December 4, 2009


who needs an iphone organizer when you have the meals on wheels calender from the senior center across the street.
I may have found work assembling heat sinks (navigation component for drone fighters). more prison labor, basically, but at least I'll be part of the working poor and not just the poor. It involves a drug test which I pray I will fail. who doesn't love wax beans and capri rice? makes me look forward to being too frail to drive to the McDonalds for my meals. Pork Riblets. MMMM.


in other news, the christmas decorations went up at riverbank rooms. I lugged some dusty boxes from the basement and kicked some mouse carcasses under the furnace.
Mary said, where's the fucking singing christmas tree?
laughs aplenty.
the fake tree broke in half. and then we all got drunk.

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