Friday, September 2, 2011

Mickey Mouse Burns

So. the google censors will probably ban this video due to the controversial nature of burning a revered corporate icon, but it is not going to stop me from trying to get the message out there that Disney is corrupting your minds with false promises and poisonous ethics. The days of Bambi are long gone and the Disney Whore Hannah Montana has usurped the power of nature and the accessories tainted with lead and mercury are flooding toy stores and oceans. Only we can stop it. See, the options are running out. There is no way that children will voluntarily decide to think for themselves when they have corporate rats thinking for them, just like if every single thing we buy comes in a package then there is no way all that packaging is going to end up in the dump. Nope...and the numbers have grown so that even a small percentage of 400 million people being addicted to Disney is too many. So, Disney must be destroyed since it contributes only prepackaged culture and wasteful accessories to the world. NOTHING CAN DEFEND THIS MINDLESS RAT MONSTER!*

So, the video, once it has been banned, is of me burning my Mickey Mouse Pillowcase and then pissing on the ashes. It's not graphic but it is supposed to offend and instigate and challenge and force America to abandon the weight of Disney and swim with their own flippers!

IF you want to Geo-tag this immolation of iconic took place in Main Brook, Newfoundland at an abandoned RV park. I was going to do a naked dance around the ashes but out of nowhere these kids showed up to drink beers...maybe that's a good thing.

*I didn't even know that a month ago World Watch Institute had posted their own essay pissing on the mouse. Good to know I'm in good company.

Harp Seal on Ice Flow

I love animals and this seal has so much personality that I'd have a hard time killing it. But something must make room for our fat guts so the seal's ancestors were hunted like the scourge of the world driven into nets, flensed with sharp knives, their skins were stretched and dried and worked until they could be worn over feet or Europeans could wear them in their hats. Somewhere along the line the pope, an old man in a funny hat who had never seen a seal, decided seals were fish (to encourage fish Friday dinners of seal?), so the industry was called the "seal fishery" but they are mammals. I thought about making seals the mission of my journey but they have many spokespeople. Too bad, because this video would've been emotional. IF I had seen a wolf on the ice that would've been something special...
I took this a week ago in St. Carol's Bay a little north of St. Anthony.
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