Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 10 Thoughts Oggy is Pondering

1) Why does every gun rights debate end up discussing the minutiae of 1789 philosophical thought? Sure, that's when this debate was initially started, but isn't a policy of reaching so far back into history to find the "purist intent" of the 2nd constitutional amendment kind of insane? Are we being nostalgic or is it a smokescreen to obscure the actual problem? Or Both? It seems 2nd Amendment fundamentalists believe the only limit on spree killing victims should be based on the response time of someone else with a gun. And those who have been shot by a maniac during a spree killing believe there should be a limit at least technically, since a maniac realistically will heavily arm himself, illegally, prior to a massacre. So maybe the only difference is that after the next mass school shooting we can nod grimly and think, "at least he illegally acquired the guns." instead of asking, "How was he legally allowed to acquire all these guns and ammo?" Thus the outcome will be substantially the same but philosophically different. Find me a mass spree killing where a toothbrush was the murder weapon and I will adjust my opinion.

2) My response to generic questions is either cliche or I don't bother saying anything, which is also a cliche.

3) Are the major news outlets orchestrating world events for ratings? NBC Artifice mocks my withered dreams while Fox news prods variety schemes, CNN makes child rape commonplace and Al Jazeera waves Jew hate in my face.

4) Not worth pondering.

5) In 40 years what atrocities will become commonplace?

6) blah blah blah

7) In the future there will be 9 billion people. How will they all eat?

8) If patriotism means honoring Benjamin Franklin then isn't the best way to honor him by violently seceding from the Union in order to secure absolute sovereignty? He advocated we should revolt. He questioned we should question authority. In Arizona some lawmakers believe the best way to honor Franklin is to behave, keep quiet, follow, obey and wave a flag...which would make Franklin a stand-in for the King George III...someone Franklin's peers burned in effigy. Would I get a positive reaction burning a life-sized Ben Franklin puppet?

9) 24 million Americans have diabetes now. That number is expected to reach 44 million in 20 years. That will be 10% of America. Will we still be legally allowed to eat frozen custard in 2034?

10) The Smiths sang about a light that never goes out...but is the light his friendship and love or the headlights of the ten ton truck that is going to kill him eventually?
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