Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ego Invalidates Warranty

About half the pieces remained
If someone can show me a wheel bearing that they drove through Guatemala and Mexico on that is in worse shape then I'll be impressed. What is left of this wheel bearing carried me through some hellish climbs and dips and so many speed bumps and dirt pot holes and goat bones and ego trips that I don't know why the van is not in some river valley with my bones decomposing to drift down toward my Nirvana. The drive into Mexico was beyond difficult, bordering on madness with high stress that has me reevaluating my sanity and scratching my balding gray head when I see I now weigh 140 pounds, which is less than I weighed in 1979...awful terrors, Mayan dreams and self-denial, textiles and nightmares, actually screaming at demons in my sleep as they clawed at the mosquito screen, paralyzed and in terror but fighting the evil that is hovering nearby. Or maybe that's simply stress of emergency fuel repairs, possibly self-immolation, fear and loathing in Guatemala. Too many fatal accidents on the road, like a war zone. I can't really touch on many of the details yet but one day they will find release in these crooked fingers. My bad decisions all haunted me, my longing for romance stabs me in the back with rusty knives, all my good intentions are foolish child dreams and I deserve the chaos that enveloped me I used the radiator overflow reservoir as an emergency fuel tank and a hand siphon to prime the fuel line after bad gas or maybe a fuel pump failure left me stranded high in the Mayan kingdom. But I'm going to a bullfighting fair on Sunday to feast on chicharron tacos with green salsa. The demons have been defeated in this battle but they never surrender. They will wait for another opportunity to claw my throat and I will fight them with shiny blades and my fingers and the broken neck of my guitar.
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