Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something That I Wish I Didn't Know

This has been a long time coming. I'm trying to present my disdain for humanity in one pretty package. But that means I need to have topical music and current events at my disposal and then make a single skit that entertains while also venting some of my distate. Not as easy as it sounds. Of course parodies aren't original and there are already parodies of this particular song but I think mine is pretty good since it uses the original title slightly transformed in wording and usage. I give it to the world.

Something That I Wish I Didn't Know
Music by Gotye (Am, G for the verse, then Am, G, F, G, from the first chorus on)
Lyrics by Oggy

Most the time I wish I didn't know what was happening.
the news is so gruesome that I want to puke.
Then I turn the Internet on
And suddenly my serenity's gone.
MSNBC and CNN I hate you...

If I read another story about Global Warming I'm gonna die.
The Economic Collapse doesn't cheer me up.
What's this, another family dead?
That missing girl they just found her head.
What the hell is wrong, and why can't I turn away.
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