Saturday, August 31, 2013

News Source Comparison

I'm going to make a quick and unscientific comparison of Al Jazeera and CNN. I picked two stories off the respective site's home page.

From Al Jazeera-
"From back in the cattle-car environs of coach, the airlines' lunge for high-end travelers, while squeezing basic comfort for those in the cheap seats, can be seen as a clear analogy of the growing inequality across the economic spectrum."

This is a story Al Jazeera's editors decided was pertinent to American readers. JetBlue, an airline that was always known for nothing but coach seats and budget prices, has decided to add luxury seats for those who can afford to pay more. Al Jazeera's angle is the that this decision "illuminates the growing upstairs-downstairs divisions in the air". That's a tasteful way to further the communist agenda that the wealthy are a different class of people and deserve better service than masses. Yes, they are paying more, but since they have more they are proportionally paying the same. I don't think that's debatable in America where everything from hookers to wine are rated by how much you can pay for them. The dollar is the only ID you need for upgrades. They could have aimed the editorial toward the fact JetBlue is looking to make money too and has decided 1 upgraded seat is worth more than the 3 coach seats it will lose. So it's not a humanity based decision. JetBlue is saying a catastrophic injury lawyer deserves to be pampered more than a 2nd grade teacher. If you agree with that then keep your thumb in your ass and continue doing nothing. This all fits Oggy's hopeless Red Agenda so I appreciate it. If this article ended with "Proletarians Unite!" it would basically be the same as the handwritten screeds I once handed out at government shut down boycotts in Santa Cruz.

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