Saturday, August 31, 2013

News Source Comparison

I'm going to make a quick and unscientific comparison of Al Jazeera and CNN. I picked two stories off the respective site's home page.

From Al Jazeera-
"From back in the cattle-car environs of coach, the airlines' lunge for high-end travelers, while squeezing basic comfort for those in the cheap seats, can be seen as a clear analogy of the growing inequality across the economic spectrum."

This is a story Al Jazeera's editors decided was pertinent to American readers. JetBlue, an airline that was always known for nothing but coach seats and budget prices, has decided to add luxury seats for those who can afford to pay more. Al Jazeera's angle is the that this decision "illuminates the growing upstairs-downstairs divisions in the air". That's a tasteful way to further the communist agenda that the wealthy are a different class of people and deserve better service than masses. Yes, they are paying more, but since they have more they are proportionally paying the same. I don't think that's debatable in America where everything from hookers to wine are rated by how much you can pay for them. The dollar is the only ID you need for upgrades. They could have aimed the editorial toward the fact JetBlue is looking to make money too and has decided 1 upgraded seat is worth more than the 3 coach seats it will lose. So it's not a humanity based decision. JetBlue is saying a catastrophic injury lawyer deserves to be pampered more than a 2nd grade teacher. If you agree with that then keep your thumb in your ass and continue doing nothing. This all fits Oggy's hopeless Red Agenda so I appreciate it. If this article ended with "Proletarians Unite!" it would basically be the same as the handwritten screeds I once handed out at government shut down boycotts in Santa Cruz.

 From CNN
"So what's going on? Is the hot gas that Sagittarius A is eating just not radiating as much as the colder gas that quasars capture"

It was hard to find anything on the home page of CNN that was remotely relevant. Celebrity breakups, cellulite statistics, sports, war's simply a disgusting source of hateful rants by Turner-owned slaves. So I chose one that pandered to the quasi-scientist and Mayan apocalypse set of CNN's's a ridiculous article about black holes, of course:

"It's been a mystery why black holes at the centers of galaxies in the present universe appear so much dimmer than quasars, extremely bright objects from the early universe that have black holes at their centers, too."

This is a perfect example of Bernays propaganda because it presents this topic as "A Mystery" but fails to point out that it's a mystery to about 15 living humans and maybe 10 dead ones. THIS IS A TOPIC NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH EVER THINKS OF. You see? The sinister writer of this article is using the most basic manipulation technique that CNN has perfected, he is presenting irrelevant material (black holes) as a widespread issue that every Kansas City mom worries about. The real work for this article was delving into obscure Astronomical Newsletters for something so totally irrelevant that most astronomers probably don't even mention it except to select coworkers. But this micro-issue slipped out and the cunts at CNN lunged forward with their tantalizing and inciteful story, hoping to stir up more unwarranted fear and hate. It's all part of their shock doctrine that is destroying the free world. And they managed to misuse the word "just" multiple times.

The important thing to take away from this comparison is that CNN can not be trusted. Rupert Murdoch/Ted Turner is a fear mongering warlord of hate. His loathsome kind has been present throughout history as a dragon who consumes children. His mandate is simple: "Confuse, Lie, Scare." Every article has these directives in mind. I have to be clear or else you will see this comparison as a stamp of approval on CNN.

Al Jazeera merely wants to see a proletarian revolution that would lead to a global union.

These two titans of media are battling for domination, but they can not both coexist for long. One will win the battle.

The Onion wrote a funny article that doesn't do justice to the evil CNN is capable of. CNN is not treating everyone as mere eyeballs who pay the bills by watching, that would be the directive of MSNBC, who only report spree killings and dogs and cats playing with each other. CNN is actively eroding human dignity and self-determination. They have even manipulated the NSA agents who monitor my blog for treasonous sentiment. While FOX dominates the fast food kingdom of McDonalds while CNN dominates air and bus travel. They are simply trying to insert their Top Gun mandate into the lives of Village People infants...infusing their cancerous filth into the fabric of innocence, impregnating the virgin of youth with the semen of our demise.


Anonymous said...

You know that Murdoch owns Fox, not CNN, right?

Oggy Bleacher said...

I'm making this up as I go along.

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