Thursday, May 3, 2012

Faces From The Past

Oggy as a young pup
 My attempts to get a national park guide job failed because my claims of 4 years experience as a naturalist and field guide were not accepted (right, I'm hardly qualified to lead tour groups through a cave!) and I never included my college transcripts of my geology classes. So, I had to hunt down my transcripts and in the process came upon these two artifacts from an era that is gone. Here is an infant - and the handwriting of my grandfather indicates it is baby Oggy, but wait...


"I do believe the tree of liberty was planted quite crooked and watered too often with the blood of innocents to ever thrive on morality alone. The day I’m wrong is the day everyone stops buying lottery tickets and donates the $1 to their schools."

--Pessimist named Oggy who once quoted John Lennon but bought 5 lottery tickets today.

Spam Theory

I'm trying to figure out the strategy of the spam bots. What I think is that there are computers that work nonstop gathering blog information and then setting up fake links to a blog on their own enclosed server. Then the computer pretends to click on the link to send a fake statistic to my blog record saying there is this website that is sending tons of traffic to your site. Well, no. There is no website sending traffic to my site. There is a website that has pretended to send traffic to my site and probably millions of other sites and none of it has to do with CNN or anything relevant. It's all flim flam Ukrainian fraud. Bullshit.

Fireside Chat With Oggy

I know I'm losing my touch when my lectures are boring to me. I'm out of my element. Oh, I wish I were in the Mexican desert fighting off scorpions and fixing the transmission with a ceral box. Now that would be good video. But I have to show myself in good and bad lights. This isn't a greatest hits only cd. You get the B sides and the cast off essays. True, I have turned several essays into drafts to spare you from my insanity and hoarded resentments but mostly I publish unedited stuff with some polished gems.
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