Thursday, December 8, 2016


Maybe you are wondering how I wash my ass crack in the Walmart parking lot. Well, sometimes I go into the bathrooms and use paper towels, but that's unsatisfying. When I am on the beach I simply hose myself off because it's a thousand degrees and the water is cooler than the air temp. But in the high, cool, winter desert water temp stays around 40 degrees unless it is in the sun. radiant solar heat roof top shower solution with a length of hose so I spin the pouch over the edge and the hose reaches to the ground where I...
low tech sponge and bucket method...lame.
...have a privacy screen made from my Viva Mexico curtains...If I waste no time, I can usually take a shower and be dried and dressed when the police or security show up to escort me off the property.

I had plans to run a 20ft length of clear hose in loops on the roof but there is a problem with that because the water must run from high to low. If there are any low spots then gravity will not push it all out since there is no reservoir on top...or I'll need to open an air valve at the end of the will only run to the low spot and the hose will run dry. I haven't really tried it because I don't want to attach junk to my roof but I forsee some engineering problems. It has to be thought out first. Maybe a sloped rail that the hose attaches to from high to low with a reservoir. I don't know. I will give $5 Oggy Bucks to anyone who can solve this engineering problem .The roof is fiberglass and I'm trying to keep a minimum number of holes in it to avoid leaks. Clear hose lets water heat fast on sunny days but it can also freeze at night. I think the portable radiant shower pouch is the simplest solution because it can be moved inside during the night when the water will freeze. Otherwise the water in the hose will expand and crack the hose and render the whole thing useless. But in the Tropics a shower solution is not really needed because any water in any reservoir will suffice to get me clean. In the high desert in winter I need the water to be exposed to sunlight for a few hours before I can shower and then it will be hot.

It's all very scientific but I can shower with a gallon of water or less depending on if I've let my hair get out of control.

The other solution is to visit a community aquatic park or rec center with a gym and a shower area. The one I visited in Cedar City had a hot after a invigorating exercise routine I sat with the retired community in the Arthritis Springs.
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