Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A day after I wrote about the evils of private property and the manifest masquerade of police enforcement of the law of sovereignty that Americans blatantly ignored when it worked in the favor of the Kickapoo or the Karankawan tribes...a constable in College Station, Texas served an eviction notice on a dude who might have felt the same way as I do, but this guy shot the constable dead and another civilian was killed and then the guy himself was shot dead. So I redacted those posts about private property because I am conflicted about their effect. What I really want is the constables to stop serving eviction notices. That would be a good sign. But when renters who get served eviction notices start shooting then really nothing is accomplished.

Otis Blows Soul Blues

I live in the dark most of the evening so you might as well hear me in my element. I'm shirtless and eating a makeshift mechanically separated turkey sandwich with avocado that I squeeze onto the bread with my fingers and the food is falling on my bare chest. I talk while chewing and gesture wildly with my hands and then slump forward in defeat and then regain my composure and shake my fist at the sky. It really was a great performance but I forgot to turn the overhead light on so you'll never see it.

The Legacy of ARE Pitiful Schools

Is there a site that collects sign board mistakes?
 The real kick in the ass is that directly behind my shoulder to the north is a Whataburger franchise that has on their sign board,
"Come in and try what's new on our menu"
So, all the nimrod spelling "OUR" had to do is turn around for the right letters. They didn't even need to google it or nothing. Simple! But no. They tried to spell it phonetically and in Texas that's how you pronounce OUR.
"Try Are Ice Coffee. It's Guud."
I swear texting and low literacy are going to give me a heart attack.
M stands for Mistake

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