Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thermal Time

On a not so serious topic,
Growing up I would wear these thermal long sleeve shirts and pants. This must be one of the more scandalous fashion deceptions because cotton thermal fabric is not more warm than anything. Arguably, it's colder. But we buy them maybe because they make us think we're warmer.

Thermal action wife beater?
Well, one of the strangest fashion items I've found in central america are wife beater tank tops made from thermal fabric. Camisetas are popular under a dress shirt, but I love the idea that this is thermal fabric to keep you warm, yet has no sleeves. I've never seen such a thing and now I'm addicted to wearing tank-tops like my Grandfather was. When a man can accept his bulging belly fat against a skin-tight thermal tank top then he's finally a man.

Long and Ponderous Essay on Conservative Thought: Part III

This will conclude my essay on the Conservative persuasion. My goal thus far has not been to criticize or contradict Conservative ideology because I would get sidetracked, and that's the whole problem. Our contradictory habits have destroyed the exchange of ideas. I think I overused the word "vitriol" in Part II so I'm looking for another word...and will use Corrosive because when a habit erodes the actual substance/details of the habit itself then it's corrosive. That's what happens when our tradition of contradiction kicks in and we fail to see that we have 1) invented the point of fact we're gleefully contradiction. 2) misunderstood everything 3) wasted lots of energy in futile philosophic tail-chasing. This corrosive culture must end or the relationship will continue to erode. The leap to contradict is something loathsome pundits develop and pass on like poisoned worms to their blind nestlings. Fox News, CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, are all guilty of embracing the Spin Factory media ethic. For that reason alone we must censor these repulsive agitators. These news forums are entirely emotional irritants and are without merit. It's very irksome that all this technology has merely allowed us to contradict one another faster. For the love of God we must return to intelligent debate and thoughtful action!
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