Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Los Angeles

No, my new attitude has not made much difference in my day or two in Los Angeles. I know my way around but that is about all I can say for it. I look around at the landscape of strip bars and pawn shops with a level of disgust that I know will soon turn into hate. George tells me I should sign up for central casting, something I never knew about in 5 years but is the obvious way to whore myself out to low budget non union flicks. THe first one said, "Laid back musician type. DO NOT SHAVE FOR AUDITION!" It was for a Sprint commercial. They wanted someone who would wear "flannel shirts and that kind of thing." Like a stereotype. Am I above that kind of trash? Maybe. I belong to clan Tmobile. Would it be a betrayal?

No big deal.

So I now begin a hunt for a buyer of the van or else riders to the east coast or else a way to trade my van for a motorcycle or even another motorcycle for my vespa ciao. So many things happening and not much time before the fall hits New England.

Still no enforcement of the car camping law so I can sleep all I want in my van until someone calls the police.
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