Saturday, March 14, 2015



It's a slow news day for Oggy as he's again fine-tuning his van and waiting for the new upholstery to be put on after 45 years of abusing the seats and engine cover and trying to figure out a solution for the exhaust which keeps shifting. He's going back to the gym because his spine is damaged. And he had a pair of sunglasses from a dead friend in Missouri, died perhaps of cardiac failure during a heroin binge, and Oggy ended up with this friend's sunglasses...and the sunglasses get stolen at the Guatemalan Gym, which is another tired story. So Oggy replaces the glasses with some totally phony Roy Ban glasses...although the quality is really not too bad on these fake glasses and the whole time Oggy thought the lenses were plastic, because how could you sell real glass lenses for $4. But he's doing some back exercises on this sort of platform and he's learned not to leave anything anywhere in the gym so he's got the glasses tucked into his wife beater tank top, and of course the things fly off in a slightly enthusiastic thrust of the back and land perfectly so the lens shatters on the tile...maybe it's glass or some kind of pyrex but it wasn't horrible material and it shattered...
Chinga mera verga del la gran puta!

'Giorentt' replacements for the Roy Ban replacements. plastic crap

Really having horrible luck with sunglasses at this gym.
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