Tuesday, September 17, 2013


?? "Find the Wizard of Oz with great love"  ???

I love the Chinese. The eternal moment is apparently a picture of two women standing in the rain and two men looking at the sky. But the picture was taken with some other camera so what is the message here? How did this dash cam take a picture of itself from outside the car??

I'd be doing a disservice to humanity if I tried to correct their syntax errors. I'm totally getting this dashcam for my van. Lately the front end is swaying like your grandfather's monte carlo sedan so I want video proof of the work it takes to keep it on the road. I can't find an R15 tire to save my life.


  *wanna slap yuz face wit realtea...see, cuz this is real yo. white boyz thinkin they saving world wit climate chang bullshit when the shit de hood is where it real. niggaz gettin doped on molly and streakin butt nekkid. aint no saving what that cant be saved. no no nigga. fool cold trippin he got some effec on world. he aint got shit on nothing but them cans o beans he cooking on the stovetop in his creepy ass cracker van. you think the shit is bad but you aint lookin under the right rock motherfucker. cities be fillin up wit zombies but you watch the cracker news and never see none of it. you the ignorant motherfucker wit your college degree in you ivy leage mansion, aint got no ide what the fuck is goin down under your fuckin nose. keep watchin PBS cuz those fake ass motherfuckers won't never show you the real news.


These niggas be hittin the shadow clone jutsu on people**

*Oggy, writing in the style of worldstar hip hop members
**this was a comment that I confess I don't understand...but I'm the ignorant one, not the person who wrote it because everyone else on the site understood. I need a translator. that's reality.

The younger generation watches these videos and laughs...they make the videos I couldn't make growing up because we didn't have cameras or mobile phones. Maybe it was always this bad.
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