Thursday, November 27, 2008

earning some money

`It only takes me a minute to put the wheel on! THe whole bike should take no longer than six minutes. this is just a bad way to lose money.

backyard man

the man in the van is thankful for a backyard where the police can't get him.

building a disney "fairy" bicycle

that's some chinese engineering and disney fuckall marketing put together in one plastic package that will last all eternity, longer than the image of Micky Mouse is recognized. An indestructible, yet utterly useless bicycle.


electronic "fairy soundeffect" box. Earnings =$3.56
the fairy box made sound effects like a fairy flying or dropping fairy dust. When I played it I could hear the tears of chinese slaves dropping on concrete floors. It sounded like an unfinished Hiaku.

a hard way to earn a buck
building bikes for dead children
plastic never brakes
it merely melts into our lungs

monkey rant

no worries
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