Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adrift in the Monkey Trials

Frozen yoghurt aisle
cheapskates on the make
don't let the creeper van
assert the date rape

frack job behind hidden bushes
of rabbit lined stew
is the drag queen watching him
or is she watching you

rhyme and reason
+ - = #
BROKEN DREAMS and stuck shift prime

the long island iced tea
meets Crystal Gayle memory
in the worn out dream market
of private lives and ceremony

mothers fathers and long lost kin
dispose of frequent rubbish in
the poetry of dreaming foggy
the lapsed lisp fallen eye of fallen Oggy


If you're like me then your days are filled with the modern sounds of violence and machinery. When I watch this clip of Oggy the Arctic adventurer cleaning the mud off his boots at a lake in central Labrador I'm amazed at how quiet it is. The Mont Groulx area is even more remote. In fact, it's the closest open country area of unspoiled wilderness with no trails or anything that I know of.

I really wonder what wrong turn I made to come face to face with this machinery
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