Wednesday, February 10, 2010

seven days of internet then nothing

That was a short bit of internet use. Maybe this old computer is finally falling apart or maybe using Mary's connection was a mistake. Either way, I can't post anything from my room again and I'm too poor to go back to the library. So I don't know when this will be resolved. I get to stay 6 more days on the money I made laying tile on the bathrooms. After that I am in the van again and headed south. I'm indifferent as I have nothing here except overdue books and nothing set up anywhere else. It's the same old story, you can go broke sitting on your ass or you can go broke making someone's garden look nice.
We have a $1 powerball pool. The three of us put in 33 cents apiece. They wonder why I don't play poker every night but if you heard these stories of woe you would understand. It's like the hobos who get to the bar and fall off their stools actually are doing better than us...because they are at the bar. We...we're staring at empty bottles, talking about getting drunk back in 1990. We're writing our own obituaries with every anecdote. He was survived by one unthankful brother. He was separated from his bitchy wife. He passed away peacefully after...He was an amateur magician...He always had a smile.

The internet issue (at least) was solved with avira anitvirus, AVG anti virus, some registry tweaking, patience and some high tech software. hijackthis and a few forums will solve almost anything.

once upon a time in the west

Check out that composition...

oh, man what a movie. How does this movie which is 170 minutes long and hardly contains two full conversations seem much shorter than Avatar where everyone was talking non stop? (The script for Once Upon a Time is 15 pages long.) I don't know. Sergio Leone is a master. I learned through the commentary that he filmed his exterior scenes silently. Then added the sound later. Think about that. That's why The Good The Bad and The Ugly has such bad sound quality sync. He added the overdub months after and didn't get it completely perfect. The final scene in this is damn near heroic and I understand Paramount cut it out because it was too long. Assholes! It's one of the best endings ever. I'm just shaking my head in amazement. Fantastic. The entire movie takes place over like two days. Charlie Bronson never changes his clothes.

Amazing. Revenge, look at that face. Leone must've said. "Look dead." and it works.

a whore with a heart. Gentlemen, stop drooling. She had the best line, "After you're through [raping me] I only need a tub of hot water to be right back where I was, with one more dirty memory."

a ruthless killer, a lifetime criminal who wants to go straight. all the pieces are there and they unfold so slowly. It's an example of less is more. One man killing one man should take a long long time. It's not a casual event. And Henry Fonda's character isn't a monster. He's just practical.
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