Friday, September 20, 2013

Gay Revisionist History

I awoke in a fever at about 3 am and into the fading mist of my unconsciousness was the most bizarre lingering dream, traces of a fever and absurdity...remnants of my life in Hollywood trying to dream up the next great punchline: I was dreaming of an entire network of programming that basically took every major television series from The Honeymooners to Cheers AND INSERTED THE ABSENT HOMOSEXUALS WHOM EVERYONE PRETENDED DIDN'T EXIST WHEN THOSE STORIES WERE WRITTEN.

Top Consipracy Theory

Is it normal to think that everyone has been brainwashed into accumulating gold for aliens to use in their spaceships? I mean, if you really look around isn't that what we're doing? It all boils down to finding gold, accumulating it in one place. Why? It has to be for aliens. All of human history we've been groomed to covet gold, to hoard it. But I'm putting my foot down. I won't do it. Fuck the aliens. I'm not accumulating gold for them. In fact, I'd like to dump all the gold back into a volcano...just to piss off the aliens. Who is with me?
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