Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light of Love

Here`s the van as an eye sore at «Quebec »City.

and here`s the author at Montmorency Falls.When I first arrived in Quebec City I tried to be discreet but I stalled in front of a row of outdoor beer gardens and 200 people stopped to stare at the coal powered van and the hippie driving it. Au Cotoure dressed women with flawless skin marveled. I nodded and prayed the next song on my ipod would be quiet but it was `the light of love; by rick springfield. the crowds were aghast and didn`t need to look at my license plate to know I was an American.

Goblins of Self Doubt

When they say "You will find out what kind of man you are." this is the road that they are talking about.
The story of the man who returns to Nature for 40 days and emerges renewed and clean is from the bible. I want to be cleansed by nature but this trip is more like "Heart of Darkness" as layers of civility are shed the further north I go. OR are they the same story? As one obstacle is overcome another comes along that is even more primitive. The cars show more signs of abuse. The warning signs grow less frequent. The dangers grow more extreme. The propaganda that Oggy hates is but a myth here. He is the myth, the legend of a man from the south looking for healing in a box but there is no shaman booth at Walmart.
Did I really not bring a spare water pump? No, but I have a Lionel Richie songbook. That was smart.
But I wonder if not now then it is never. The wolf will not wait as the ice that once promoted diversity melts. And if I am saving the van for some later adventure then what exactly would that be? Why not do it now.
No, the long awaited showdown with my fears has come. The bridge has been burned. There is no return trip for the same man. He either dies or another man exits the skin of the former...this steel shell pings the water and the hail and the angry bees fly in to sting Oggy skin.
There are few options for communication beyond here. I was lucky to find this one in Baie Comeau, although it is very populated. Beyond this lie wolves and mermaids.
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