Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light of Love

Here`s the van as an eye sore at «Quebec »City.

and here`s the author at Montmorency Falls.When I first arrived in Quebec City I tried to be discreet but I stalled in front of a row of outdoor beer gardens and 200 people stopped to stare at the coal powered van and the hippie driving it. Au Cotoure dressed women with flawless skin marveled. I nodded and prayed the next song on my ipod would be quiet but it was `the light of love; by rick springfield. the crowds were aghast and didn`t need to look at my license plate to know I was an American.


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Unknown said...

Interesting photos, the trip sounds like loads of fun.

man and van London

removals London said...

I`m sure it was tons of fun :D

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