Monday, July 29, 2013


The headlines today literally read like a dystopian novel: Bankrupt child prostitution sting...multiple bodies of women strangled in plastic...1000 year prison sentences...
Did Stephen King start writing for CNN?

It's common sense that we're fucked. But I've been reading the history of Mexico and I see that when a true democracy exists, where people vote with assassinations and not electoral college promises, total chaos usually reigns. People say, "America is as good as it gets." Bankruptcy, child prostitution...fear and violence and economic insolvency...governments pushing drugs...that's as good as it gets.

I guess I'm an asshole for thinking it can be better. Things are very bad when men hoard toys and cower in fear...but they are almost worse when they stand up for themselves. Because there are too many people. There will always be one faction that is so dissatisfied that they'll die to change the status quo. Except in America, where no one cares. So maybe it is as good as it gets. Stay drunk, watch TV, buy useless shit, take your pills...stay out of trouble. Look what activism did for Mexico.


This is so typical of an Oggy day. I don't know why I try to conform when the world really does everything to repel/repulse me. ALL I WANTED WAS MY TEETH CLEANED! How hard can that be? But actually the trouble all started with the fact that I have insurance. That's when it all fell apart...when I became legitimate in the eyes of the government. See, IT'S SO FUCKED UP. I ACTUALLY CONFORMED TO THE LAW AND NOW IT'S ALL FUCKED UP. I can't win. I can not do anything that turns out normally.

Normally, I'm broke and I have to go to the cheapest grossest dentist who operates out of the bathroom in a 7/11. That's fine. I don't discriminate on Indian dentists. Hebes. Koreans. Bosnians. Syrians. Or Russians. They can clean my teeth. Then I pay them some cash and they shrug when I tell them that my teeth hurt all the time.
"So what, do you have the money to fix them?"
I shrug too, and that's the end of it.

But what happens the instant that the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT reaches its crooked fingers into my teeth? I will tell you....
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