Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grand Opening of Supermarket Ruined by Work

Sources confirmed that the festive atmosphere surrounding the Grand Opening of the new H.E.B. grocery store in Alamo Springs, Texas was ruined for H.E.B. employee Juan Ramirez, 16, because it coincided with his first day of work at the newly opened store.

"Normally, I'd totally be enjoying this: the streamers and balloons, the music, the people, the free snacks," said Ramirez as he feverishly stocked peaches on a rack. "But I have to admit it completely sucks on this side of the ball. My shoulders are on fire right now."

After directing a shopper to the aisle containing chips Ramirez continued, "Yesterday at this time I was just waking up, looking out at the blue sky, wondering what I would do, which friends I'd call. Now," said Juan gesturing disdainfully at the peaches, "I don't even know why people bother living. This sucks. Work sucks. Life sucks."

America: Taking The Good And The Bad For 237 Years

I want to express my opinions on this whole nightmare that took place in Boston and WILL CONTINUE FOR ETERNITY. I'm knuckles deep in Rod Pump Controls and PLCs and SCADA and even a high tension coil for my van that all have me thinking the C4 transmission rebuild was like a child's swing set...

"Remote Automation Solutions’ FF Interface provides an integrated
power, processor, and communications platform on one module that
inserts into a ROC800 Series 2 I/O backplane. With up to four FF I/O
modules inserted in the same backplane, the Interface becomes a
communication and management tool, handling up to 64 fieldbus

Slow down, Hoss, Oggy was enjoying Hermann Hesse a few nights ago and now you want him to interface with what? Go check out Schneider Electric and you'll see I'm rubbing elbows with the elite of global production...Hesse couldn't be further from my priorities. I tell myself this is deep research into modern technology to balance out the deep research I did into reclusive sociopathology.

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