Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What day is it?

Birds or moths use paper shreds and leaves to create a home. We really need 100 floors in a sky scraper to conduct business? really>?

Shaws Dairy Farm has BBQ that was OK. The renovations made my remembrance trip unusual. Instead, I created new memories that supplanted the old distant ones. We all renew our faith in ourselves or else chew on aged memories. The scoop girls flirted with their eyes though they had no tip jar. And when asked if I wanted anything to drink I replied, "Whiskey on the rocks," and the girl had braces younger than scars on my fingers so the joke prompted concerned looks and shame. I flirt with the wrong girls and ignore the right ones.

Duck face meets chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. I had almond crunch and was sick from the sugar that my festering kidney converted to candy corn.

For pre-Halloween I dressed up as an aging, crippled hippie for our trip to Mardsens, where a man's hat said, "Nuke their ass, take their gas." Simple and to the point. Got band aids for my hemorrhaging thumb that has bled for four consecutive days. Wonder why I'm pale and thin? Chronic internal and external bleeding. Madbury Corn eaten from the worm's mouth. 11 hours of crimping a day under a wooden slab.

In van news (and thus news of my wolf expedition) a mechanic fixed the toe and is working on finding the adapters to fix the caster and camber. This involves straightning the twin I bean suspension. That's the only option and I will invest in this improvement as the two old mechanics marveled at the condition of the van. I'm proud and want to go to the lair of the wolf on a straight course and not swerving as I do down the road. I will mention that NTB tires is truly useless as they didn't even manage to align the toe of the tires. Nothing. I have to go back there after the I beams get straigtened and get them to replace the useless warped tires they sold me. Nothing has gone right since I brought it there proving that experience will prevail of glossy corporate marketing banners and also that a bad mechanic will do more harm than good. I knew this already but have a habit of falling into the same hole over and over.
I'm so tired my socks are falling asleep.
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