Sunday, July 10, 2011

Battle Harbor, Labrador

Hired two local Innu guides who promised to get me to an arctic wolf but I became one in a long list of white adventures who were misled by nefarious natives. Read of the Hubbard/Wallace expedition in 1903. My tale is an updated version of that ill-fated trip. So, this led to serious peril and finally to my being conscripted to work at Battle Harbor historical site as promotional videographer in exchange for food and housing. Ah, Oggy has found his island paradise in the arctic Labrador Sea. Bergy bits and whales and sealing nets stretched long on the wharf. Walking in the footsteps of Peary and Macmillan and Bleacher.
Oggy becomes a cooper, sealing vats of flaked cod for shipment to Spain.
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