Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Debris From a Former World

In my quest for the Arctic Wolf I crossed hundreds of miles of tundra and came across this relic of past ages entombed in the snow and ice. I pity the poor traveler who abandoned ship. I picked through his dusty posessions and came on some dirty clothes and cans of salmon and some books of philosophy. There is no telling what kind of person he was or what he was searching for here in the bleak arctic, but he represents that eternal longing in us all, that mythological creature who finds no contentment in his surroundings and his thirst for new experience is never quenched.

Who knows where my own travels will take me but I raise my glass to this vagabond in his 1969 Ford Econoline conversion van. May his road be filled with adventure and may he never be content as long as there is an unexplored horizon in the distance to draw him on.
Walk well, my brother

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