Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recent Purchases

If there is a pattern here then please let me know:

Texan Apprentice Electrician License: $20
C4 Transmission Overhaul kit: $129
C4 performance shift kit: $30
Transmission Overhaul Manual: $30
Rosewood Pickguard and truss rod mother of pearl inlay: $246
(2) moped inner tubes 2.00/2.25 x 17: $27
Sexual Health Pills: $12
4th generation 40gb ipod motherboard: $22
Roach Spray: $3

Hog Fair

$3 for a monkey. $5 for a banana.

Wild hogs are poetic creatures, caged chickens with one leg are also on the wing of prayer and decrepit salvation. Kids chase hogs with mud in the ego of god, and chickens rest on foam beds. Oggy lapsed into the realm of Hurricane and Lone Star. He's weak and lonely as the roaches have him thinking of decay and his friend, Cow Milk Blues, testified to the prostate and hepatitis problems of his future.
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