Thursday, July 3, 2014

Broken Gear

I expected to find a note begging for help in Chinese

Sort of looks intact, but then...

This plastic gear has been chewed up by the fan shaft. The teeth are gone so the fan will not rotate to cool Oggy flesh.
If the worst mechanical problem I have lately is the gearing of my rotating fan (now stationary) then I'm doing good. But I think the design of a plastic gear being turned by a brass coated gear moving at high RPMs was something I'll take up with the Chinese designer. They probably save thirty cents by making this crucial gear plastic but it meant the fan will rotate for only about one year. The fan itself will work because that's a separate motor. This mechanical rotating mechanism all relies on the interlocking gears and since one is plastic it will be eaten up by the brass coated one. Thanks China!

I wonder if I can find or make a replacement gear from metal.

Sober Blues

Music improvised in the van is one of my great pleasures and I hope this is a sign of good things to come as there's a change in the weather and El Conquistador is gazing toward the horizon and wondering what is on the other side of that hill.

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