Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Taco Bell Fitness Course

It's time for the annual Oggy Bleacher get in shape week. Won't you join me in getting fit for fitness. Heath is Happiness. I've looked everywhere for one of those outdoor fitness DIY courses with the chin up bar and heart rate check stations and finally found one at the Jefferson Barracks south of St. Louis. The civil war museum is closed but this fitness course was doing good business. This course unfortunately lacked an ice cream stand but I could get a beef taco! Now the only question is whom do I sue for the injuries sustained by my decrepit body flailing around obstacles. I feel like the Chinese will watch this video and say, "The time to invade is approaching. Look! The adults are helpless like blind puppy dogs."
Here's a video immediately following my attempt to pull myself up a pole. I exerted myself like a 20 year old and my 41 year old spine screamed mercy within seconds. I fell to the earth and waited for the muscle spasms to pass. It's hell getting old.
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