Wednesday, July 2, 2014


"Obviously Fucking Bull Shit."

The abbreviation of American life continues and I'm not concerned or troubled as much as I am about the fate of these dental floss picks flooding our oceans. But for the purposes of this rant I will pretend to care deeply.

SCOTUS: This abbreviation angers and repulses me. Like POTUS, this makes it easier for ill-informed voters to pretend to know what they are talking about. SCOTUS means "Supreme Court Of The United States." POTUS means "President Of The United States"
What kind of asshole can not type or say The President or The Supreme Court? The context will reveal of what country you are talking about so the rest is irrelevant. But it bothers me in general that SCOTUS sounds like a disease or maybe a Soviet Union Food Growing Campaign...when it's really just a court. So have some respect and say Supreme Court...even if those assholes consistently betray their intent by voting politically like Fox News has bought them all nice condos in the Bahamas.
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