Friday, August 15, 2014

Good Times

Man, dig it.

I took a trip down memory lane with my aunt and her wedding ceremony on Mt. Tam was covered in the auspicious street mag called "Good Times" (The post-wedding party was rudely broken up by "Smokey The Bear Pigs" the journalist called "Big Pathetic Boy Scouts")

Can you appreciate this trip?
This was a time when independent media was cool and non commercial. 1969. Not the Summer of Love (1967), but the year of Armstrong walking on the moon, Nixon endeavoring to mass murder all of South East Asia with the compliance of buzz cut drones raised on Eisenhower Flakes, Woodstock, the manufacturing of my very own E-200 Van, concept of Gay Rights, Kerouac hopped a ride on the big railroad to the sky, and lots of cool things.

1969: Good Times Frisco newspaper published with a pot leaf in the's unusual but it's normally hard to determine exactly how long a bad President sets the country back. In Nixon's case we know now his domestic drug approach set the country back exactly 50 the current decriminalized status of pot in several states including California is exactly what Nixon selfishly denounced. Public Enemy number 1 was, in Nixon's words, "Public Resistance to mass murder in Vietnam, and drug use." It turns out Nixon was Public Enemy Number 1 and I think his bones should be dug up and shipped off to Cambodia for goats to eat them and shit them out. Hey, the magazine says "COME ON STRONG"
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