Sunday, December 4, 2011

Axle Shaft

We've done so much work on our vehicles lately that we might as well open our own garage. The Grand Marquis continues to disappoint as the code reading indicates the #4 cylinder is misfiring during the first 1000 RPMs. That is a problem with the individual ignition coils which are cheaply made in Mexico and cost more Oggy cookie money. And the drive belt is cracked like my lips after a dry night in the Mexican desert. Other than that it runs pretty good.
Please note the use of the stick to hold the wood. In Labrador I decided a small cut could prove fatal because of lack of any medical facilities. So safety became a priority and I got in the habit of using Hatchet safety procedures.
This 12mm wrench was used to loosen the flange on the 4wd axle where it mates with the front differential.
My thumb is still feeling the effects of the moment when it snapped in my hand and sent vibrations through my hand like I'd been struck by lightning.
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