Saturday, May 28, 2011

What was I just doing?

I must be losing my touch. I ate a $12 lobster roll and didn't make a video review of it while there are half a dozen reviews of me eating crappy pizza and meatball subs. Not that the Sanders Fish market over by the mill pond needs any help getting New Castle homemakers with platinum cards to walk in their doors. Last time I was in that joint you had to bring your own newspaper and they would throw your fish at you and if you caught it then you took it home. Today it felt like I'd entered one of those boutique shops in Santa Monica that wouldn't let me use their bathroom. But Lobster Jr. gave me the local/hobo discount and even let me eat at the table with my fur face scaring respectable customers into the street when I leered at the pretty socialites planning their memorial day lawn brunch. Next time I'll do a proper taste review because that lobster roll was so good I almost forgot it used up my entire grocery budget for the week.

In other news, Mr. Chicken Farmer taxied me to and from the auto parts store for the final air filter I'll need to buy for my van before going to Labrador. We were supposed to go to the bank but we were so distracted by witnessing a car plow through the Fleet/Congress intersection that we were like, "Let's go to the bank and then...Look! That car just mashed that sign! So what should we do now? Let's get some chowder!"

My attention span is so short if I'm not actively typing then I have to remind myself what I'm doing.

If anyone wants to help scrape and paint the fire escape to my apartment I'll buy the beer.

P.S. Memorial Day is the day we recognize the deceased soldiers. I've seen bumper stickers that say "If you love your freedom, thank a soldier." Even though I don't know what America stands for anymore, I can't be a thankless hippie. Any other country would've silenced me long ago. God Bless America!
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