Sunday, November 6, 2011

North Conway Brings back Memories

Customer Service With Nikon

The chicken man's nikon camera was taking photos in a pink spectrum that led us on a trail to the earthquake ravaged country of the Dominican Republic and a conversation with Jose, a customer service outsource tech. It was all going down hill into a comedy of errors "Hello, Mr. Hawkings...:" and email addresses and mocking tones by all three of us when we decided to video the whole affair to share with all you who are hungry for news into the decline of mankind (or how we spent our sunday afternoon).
Darvid said, "What was I doing in Franconia? Making a living." and I'm pretty sure his idea of making a living was not hunched over a computer talking about pink picture salutations in the Dominican Republic of Hatian downfall or posting viral videos of skateboarders getting their teeth knocked out by their own board. We're a nation of hot sauce-phobic munchin eaters and we got no backbone because the service industry stole our soles for the rockless rolls and panini bread sandwiches. I'll rant and I'll rave like true newfoundlanders.

Low Point

Girls, this could be the face you wake up to every morning if you want to live with me in the van...
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