Thursday, January 30, 2014

Milk Cow Has Some Stories

The dog (Bobby) living at Milk Cow's apartment had a rough life and a quick exit. In his own words, this is Milk Cow's description...

"Had to take care of Bobby myself, neither F. nor R.would spend 37 dollars to have him put to sleep..i had to deal with it ..his back was broke his legs spread apart he had to drag himself..he wouldn't eat i couldnt see him suffer and freeze..i got him some milk and talked to him and when he turned away i hit him with shovel..died instantly.."

I want to make this a country song but I'm a coward and a rat and a hypocrite. I'm sure Milk Cow would let you have the lyrics.

I told Milk Cow that I'd do the same for him and he said he would hide the shovels next time I saw him. And you can put that in the song too.
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