Friday, June 28, 2013

One Year in 10 minutes

Oggy attempts to summarize the last year and fails....


"Remotes acquire synchronization and configuration information via SYNC
messages. They can synchronize to the Master (the MODE M unit) or to any
valid Extension (a MODE X unit).
The Master will always transmit SYNC messages. An Extension will only
start sending SYNC messages after synchronization is achieved with its
The ability to synchronize to a given radio is further qualified by the sender’s
Extended Address (XADDR) and by the receiver’s Synchronization Qualifiers
When a primary is specified (XPRI is 0...31), a radio will always attempt to
find the primary first. If 30 seconds elapses and the primary is not found, then
the radio attempts to synchronize with any non-primary radio in the XMAP

I feel like I'm dancing on Pablo Neruda's grave when I read things like this.Oh, but I'm getting paid to read it so THAT MAKES EVERYTHING OK.

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